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Our Vision

Embrace your skin, body, mind, and soul - PRÍ PEAR™ champions self-love worldwide with a touch of sass and a dash of skincare magic!


We're not just a skincare brand; we're a journey toward self-adoration. Our secret? Meticulous research backed by top-notch brains at UFS and SMHSU Laboratories, ensuring our product surpasses industry standards. Certified by the esteemed Photobiology Laboratory and Prof HM Motswaledi, our oil extract is a dermatological gem, catering to even the most delicate skin.


At PRÍ PEAR™, we've redefined Prickly Pear Seed Oil, setting a benchmark for excellence. Join us as we lead the way for future generations! 


PRÍ PEAR™ Skincare Range was born from the need for toxin-free, natural skincare products. Our founder, Mich Roeloffs, in her pursuit of finding natural skincare solutions, rediscovered an age-old beauty treatment, a forgotten gem with countless benefits.

This almost magical remedy revealed itself as Prickly Pear Seed Oil, offering an all-natural, holistic skincare solution.

In her quest, Mich serendipitously crossed paths with the farmer of Heirloom Orchards in South Africa, nurturing this sustainable crop of heritage cactus plants through ethical farming practices. A deep connection formed, uniting Mich and the farmer in their admiration for this unassuming yet remarkably versatile plant and its extraordinary benefits.


Thriving in shallow soil and without requiring excessive watering or chemical interventions, this sustainable plant stood as a beacon of eco-conscious cultivation.

Driven by her passion for agriculture, Mich recognized the need for the wellness industry to shed light on these natural beauty products and the captivating plant from which they derive.

Meet Mich


The oil extracted from this abundant harvest boasts intense concentrations of Vitamin E, a potent antioxidant combating those pesky free radicals. What sets it apart? Sky-high levels of Linoleic Acid—hold onto your hats, it's the superstar of moisture lock-in without any greasy aftermath.


Oh, and did we mention its knack for calming inflammation? This gem ticks all the boxes: vegan, gluten-free, and non-comedogenic, making it a skin superhero for everyone.

Enter Prickly Pear Seed Oil, the belle of the ball in today's skincare realm. Our 'liquid gold' is no joke—it takes a whole heap of prickly pear fruit to whip up just one litre of this extraordinary elixir.

PRÍ PEAR™ cares

PRÍ PEAR strives to be environmentally conscious by being fully aware of the effects on the environment and everything connected to it; with a focus on the importance of preserving and nature at its core. 

  • Restores elasticity and collagen in the skin.

  • Brightens and tones the complexion.

  • Deeply moisturising and hydrating.

  • Lightens dark circles under the eyes.

  • Reduces fine lines and premature wrinkles.

  • Repairs cellular damage.


Heirloom Orchards in South Africa is a multigenerational prickly pear farm where our fruits are hand-harvested, providing jobs for the local community. Every harvest is handled with care, is traceable and treated with the utmost respect by not using toxic pesticides, harmful chemicals or growth stimulants.
We use amber bottles to preserve the oil’s molecular structure because sunlight exposure destroys 
the stability of the oil.
Our glass bottles and pipettes are recyclable, as well as our shipping boxes. At the end of 2021, we implemented a no bubble wrap policy and replaced it with Repak Honeycomb Wrap, which is biodegradable. Our tissue paper is printed with vegan-friendly ink. PRÍ PEAR is a proud member of Beauty without Cruelty South Africa.
Women are making changes post pandemic
in their working lives by tackling issues at work and home. PRÍ PEAR currently supports women in business by using the services of Women Entrepreneurs.

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